This is nothing to do with my bees, but it is bee-related and it made me laugh. According to this (really rather serious) report on a Surrey-based news site, Edinburgh is the worst place in the country for animal thefts.

As you might expect, Surrey is a relatively crime-free area.

According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, there were 118 reports of stolen animals to Surrey Police.

However, things are far worse north of the border.

The figures for Surrey are much higher than some areas – such as the City of London with only one reported dog theft – and considerably lower than other forces in the UK, with 30,593 animal thefts in Edinburgh –

Sorry, what? Oh, hang on…

– although 30,000 of those were bees.

Ah. As you were.

More on my bees in the next post. I’ve just acquired a new hive, just in case they feel like getting ready to swarm. And that’s where the real fun starts.