As I said in my last post, the most important thing about being a beekeeper is that YOU GET TO WEAR A SPECIAL SUIT. As it happens, around about the time I wrote that, I sent off my order to the very wonderful BBWear.

As you can see from their website, there are several options to choose from, although the choice essentially comes down to between the old-school “floppy hat with a net dangling from it” retro style and the more trendy “fencing mask” option. Being the up-to-the-minute kind of person that I am, I went for the fencing mask. However, I’m not so modern that I’ve gone for a brightly coloured one, because, frankly, that’s the beekeeping equivalent of 20/20 cricket. It’s just not on.

Apparently if you buy one of their suits off-the-peg (although you really wouldn’t want to hang a bee suit on a peg, would you?) it arrives as near as dammit the next day. However, being an excessively tall person, I had to get mine made to measure, but even then it only took just over a week to appear. The total cost was £118.95, which added to the cost of the beekeeping course, brings the running total to £178.95.

And here it is, modelled by some beardy bloke:


Cool or what?

All I need now are some bees.