Oh dear. I had big plans for what I was going to do with this blog during the close season. I was going to do posts on what my hive looks like, how you construct Hoffman frames, maybe even review a few how-to books, all that sort of thing.

But life got in the way. I had day job stuff to do and I got tangled up in getting my next book published and what with one thing or another, the bees took a back seat. What was worse is that all the time there was this feeling lurking in the back of my mind that maybe I should be doing something with them over the winter. Had I fed them enough? Should I fit that mouse guard I’d bought? Wasn’t there some other treatment I was supposed to apply?

And then that developed into one of those cycles where you don’t want to look up what you’re supposed to have done in case it’s too late, which makes any action potentially even later with even worse consequences which makes you want to look things up even less and this carries on until you eventually reach the point where you’ve pretty much assumed that your bees are dead, you’ve wasted your money and everyone’s going to think your an idiot and every time someone asks you “How are the bees then?” you look at your feet and start muttering that you’re definitely going to check next week but in your heart of hearts you know it’s a complete waste of time.

But one spring morning you notice that one of the shrubs in your garden is positively humming with bees. Now clearly there was no guarantee that they were my bees –  it wasn’t as if they shouted “DADDIEEEEEE!” and gave me a big hug when I went near them, after all. Also, you’d be surprised how many beekeepers there are around here – and yes, I know I should be asking them for advice, but I’m a bloke and asking for advice is not in my skill set.

However, they were still bees.

So I finally plucked up courage last Sunday to go and have a look at my hive, and lo and behold there were hordes of the buggers flying in and out, positively loaded with pollen. (Although I should say that by the time I’d taken a half decent picture, they were beginning to get a little annoyed with my presence.)

P3300103(Hmmm. Grass needs a bit of a trim there.)

Anyway, the important thing is, I STILL HAZ BEES.

This is where the fun starts.