The Adventures of a Novice Beekeper

Preparing for the Nuc

The time is drawing near. Back in March, when I’d completed my beekeeping course, I was given the names of a couple of people who could, in due course, supply me with a nuc. Nuc (disconcertingly pronounced “Nuke”) is beekeeping slang for a nucleus, which basically amounts to roughly half a hive of bees. I got in contact with one of them and it turned out that my nuc would be ready for me end of June / start of July.

In other words, about now.

All of which led to me thinking last week that it was probably about time I bought a hive. So on Friday I went to see a chap called David Pearce, who is pretty much Somerset’s Mr Hive. It’s worth dropping in on him just to see his workshop, by the way:


(“If I’d known you were going to take a picture, I’d have tidied up … nah, only joking”)

Anyway, I bought a National hive from him, plus a super and a set of Hoffman frames (we’ll come on to all that stuff in a later post), along with some other important bits and bobs, such as a hive tool, a smoker and – the bit that’s worrying me the most at the moment – a hive strap.

Why did I need a hive strap? I’ll tell you.

On Saturday morning, I took my spanking new hive down to the chap who’s providing my nuc so that he can transfer the bees into it. Once they’re ready, which will be some time this week, I’ll go down there, pick them up and bring them back to their new home. Great!


There’s just one minor detail that’s bothering me. I’m going to have to drive back with a hive full of bees in the back of the car. A three-quarters of an hour journey over some extremely bumpy country roads. On a hot day.

Well, what’s the worst that can happen?

I just hope that hive strap keeps it all together. Still, exciting, isn’t it?


  1. Reading with great interest. Attended a talk myself two months ago and I’ve read several books and so I will follow your ‘journey’ with great interest.

  2. admin

    July 20, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Thank you, both!

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