The Adventures of a Novice Beekeper

Who’s Queen?

The good news is that the hive is up and running. However, it didn’t quite turn out the way we were expecting. If you remember, in the last exciting episode it turned out that I had somehow mislaid my queen. It happens. So my friends and mentors generously provided me with my new Good Queen Gwendoline, who they placed in a cage wedged between a couple of the frames, thus:



See her there? Actually, you won’t, because this picture was taken when I checked a couple of days later, by which time the worker bees in the hive had managed to release her. However, it probably wasn’t a particularly happy moment when she emerged from captivity, because it now turns out that there was already a new queen on the throne after all. Chances are, last time we checked, she was out looked for lurve, as virgin queens are wont to do.

But you can’t have two queens in the same hive, so Gwendoline had to go. When we inspected a week later, there was no sign of her at all. Picture her now, emerging from her confinement and breathing the air of freedom for the first time, only to be pounced on by the mob and mauled to death. It’s a brutal world in there.

The new queen, however, is laying already and quite prolifically too. Society in the hive is slowly returning to normal. Gwendoline? No. Don’t remember her at all.

Who’s queen, eh?



  1. Been a while since I popped along here and I seem to have missed all the drama. Glad all seems ok now. Keep up the log, this is a great wee soapie.

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